Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Pitner Perfect Wedding

Oh. Hey guys. Remember me? Yeah probably not. I know, I'm the worst. MIA for more than a year. Absolutely redic.

BUT WAIT! I had a good reason. No, a great reason. I got married! Yes, it's true. I got engaged and fell off the blogging circuit for a while. So sorry about that. But you know, I had some minor wedding planning details to deal with, so yeah, blogging had to go for a bit. Which is really unfortunate because I DIY-ed the heck out of my wedding. I mean the HECK out of it! So I missed a crazy amount of DIY posts I could have created and treated you guys to. Le sigh.

Anyhow, here's a post absolutely full of a ton of wedding pics in hopes that you guys forgive me. I will say that all the insane amount of planning actually is worth it. Me and J had the best wedding day ever. It felt very unique to us and our interests. We chose a random place in the middle of downtown Birmingham that is not a wedding venue at all. I literally stalked the owner because I had ran past this place and thought it was so fantasticly perfect. It turned out to be owned by a local artist who was extremely kind and generous to let us use his property for the day. Between the locale, the band and our guests, everything was absolutely everything I could have ever wanted it to be. (oh, and the groom too, of course :)

And just so you know, I'm super duper interested in blogging again, but since my life and interests have changed somewhat (just somewhat, I still love clothes and fashion, don't worry!) I am currently racking my brain for a new blog title and focus. So as soon as I get that all nailed down, I promise to let you guys know so you can start catching up with me again.

OK, hope you've got some coffee or a snack or something handy, because here are way too many pics for you to scroll through!

ps. HUGE thanks to Laura Menconi and Amy Dobelstein for capturing these magical moments and also to our friends Ben and Emily of Carolina Story for giving us the best soundtrack to our wedding - EVER. period.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall in love with jeans again

Ok so maybe the rest of you haven't had a chance to fall out of love with your jeans, but living in the south, there's a time period of about six months or so that I don't even look at my jeans. It's just too hot. However, with the arrival of fall and cooler weather (hopefully!) just around the corner, it's time to break out the denim again!

If I'm being totally honest, I actually need to add a couple pair of jeans to my closet. So lucky for me that I stumbled across the jean collection at Simons. They have some super cute styles, denim washes and of course the best part is the price! I love all the three above, but those Seamed Knee Skinny Jeans just might have to make an appearance on me soon. The moto embellishment on them is just too good to pass up!