Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mad about plaid (& print mixing)

So I tend to wear plaid shirts a lot in the fall/winter seasons. In fact, if I were a daily fashion blogger, you'd be like, 'yep, bored of seeing the same old plaid shirts every day.' Which is pretty much what I told myself when I looked in the closet and was reaching once again for one of my new fav plaid shirts (that I scored from a Madewell sale, thank you very much!). And that's why I tried to mix things up a bit.

This outfit is a little grunge, a little music enthusiast and a little business casual. And I think it's starting to grow on me a little bit as well. Really glad it's ok for me to push the envelope with my attire at work, btw. Not sure this would be acceptable at the majority of offices.

(also, you'll probably notice that I have a new pose I seem to keep using when I have a button down shirt wrapped around my waist - I mean, doesn't this look familiar? I'm so creative - insert sarcasm here)

Alright, enough's the outfit breakdown:

1. Plaid shirt, Madewell ($24.99)
2. Charles Bradley concert tee, gifted
3. Pencil skirt, GAP outlet ($19.99)
4. Socks, ??
5. Boots, C. Wonder ($55.00)
6. BCBG bag, Zoe's ($30.00)
7. Hat, NYC street vendor ($10.00)
8. Sunglasses, c/o Sunglass Warehouse
9. Ampersand ring, gifted (thanks Natasha!)
10. Tungsten ring, c/o Modern Design
11. Triangle earrings, gifted (thanks Joy!)

Total: Under $150.00

photos: laura menconi

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life lately

Well, despite the yucky weather we seem to be encountering a good bit these days, we've still managed to get in a few fun activities over the past couple of weeks. Our friends Ben & Emily of Carolina Story came in town to play a show back in March and we were stoked to get to see them perform at Workplay. AND we found out they are expecting their first child! Super exciting. They opened for another Nasvhille band/friends of their, The Vespers, who were super fun and entertaining. I totally recommend checking out both of these bands.

The day after their show, J and I hit the road for a climbing camping trip to Rocktown. We eventually met up with Beth and Phil and climbed pretty hard all day Saturday. Such a good time! We will definitely be back in the fall, when hopefully the weather will be less rainy.

More recently, I was lucky enough to have my friend Casey in town from Portland. She came in for a wedding for a friend of hers and we were also able to sneak in a bridal shower for her while she was here. Her soon-to-be sister-in-law hosted the most beautiful luncheon outside in her front yard for Casey. It was positively lovely and all of the food was delicious. But most importantly I got some good ole quality time with Case and she got some good gifts! I absolutely cannot wait to go to her Portland wedding in less than two months!

Later that same weekend we also celebrated Amy's birthday with some classic bbq at Jim N' Nicks. It was just low key good food, good friends and a really good time. And sadly, the very next night we all got together to watch the How I Met Your Mother series finale. UGH. a) I'm sad it's over and b) I was SO not okay with the ending. I've had time to process it now and I am better with the ending than when I first saw it, but ultimately, I think the writers could have written the entire last season better if that's the ending they were going for. Anyone else feelin me on this? Anyhow, the cherry on top was that we FaceTimed our friend Peach in NYC to watch it with us.

Oh and as per usual, J and I are always checking out any new restaurant in town and we finally went to Post Office Pies (POPs) in Avondale, which is located in the old Post Office building. Love it. Good food, great location. If you're a B'hamian, go try it out soon. Supposedly they also have a great salads, but you know I didn't venture near anything green :) My only complaint/suggestion is that they need to have a BBQ pizza on the menu, seeing as it's the same owner as Saw's. Just sayin!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ideal vs. steal: White pumps

It would seem as though this post is perfectly timed with the "white shoes for Easter Sunday" issue. But trust me, this is an accidental timing sort of thing because I do not play by those rules. I would wear white shoes year round instead.

In fact, I hesitated on posting this now so it wouldn't look like the Easter theme was my motive, but honestly I am just obsessed with white pumps lately and I couldn't wait to post this any longer. I think I've been wanting a pair since September, but just haven't made that leap of a purchase yet. (probably because I just spent $135 on climbing shoes instead...oh priorities.)

Anyhow, if you're like me and you're loving the look of white heels these days, here's an affordable option for you from DSW. I mean, yes, ideally we'd all love to own a pair of Manolo's like these, but for a fraction of the price, you can get another pair that looks pretty darn similar. Which you know sounds really good to me!