Friday, January 31, 2014

Cheap versatility

When I bought this dress (which, oh yeah, you can't even really see that well here) I had no idea it would actually be versatile. Not to mention that as affordable as it was I didn't think it would last as long as it has either. Nope, I just thought it was cute and cheap and pretty flattering. Therefore, purchase was made.

Now fast forward about five years later and I've come up with a couple of different ways to wear it so that I don't get tired of seeing it hanging in my closet. That's right, a little foreshadowing on a "one dress, three ways" blog post. That one will be coming out in a couple of months...yep, get excited!

Ok, on to the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Cardigan, thrifted ($4.99)
2. Sweater, Old Navy (??)
3. Dress, Rainbow ($5.00)
4. Tights, Hammers ($4.99)
5. Knee socks, TJ Maxx ($9.99)
6. Boots, Macy's ($54.53)
7. Sunglasses, Forever 21 ($5.80)
8. Earrings, Charlotte Russe ($6.00, set of 3)
9. Rocking horse ring, Hello Holiday (gifted - thanks Natasha!)
10. Ampersand ring, Hello Holiday (gifted - thanks Natasha!)
11. Love ring, gifted (thanks Em!)
12. Leaf ring, gifted (thanks Em!)
13. Crossbody bag, thrifted ($5.99)

Total: Under $100.00

Photos: Leslie Evans

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ideal vs. steal: Camo pants

After seeing this super cute and casual, yet oh-so-stylish outfit on Sincerely Jules, I finally came around to the idea of camo pants as a great wardrobe choice. And although this R13 pair that WWWD suggested are an ideal choice, they are also obviously way out of my price range. However, I think this pair from Old Navy (for only $32.00!) might do just the trick.

Editor's note: If Old Navy is already out of your size, you might look into these from American Eagle or this pair from Charlotte Russe.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Artist: PigPen Theatre Co.
Album: The Way I'm Running (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: There's a solid mix of super fun, upbeat songs and slower pieces—all with lots of gorgeous harmonies.
Favorite song(s): Sailor
For fans of: Seryn, Mumford & Sons
Bonus: I can't believe it, but these guys are coming to Bham on March 19th to Workplay!

Artist: Smallpools
Album: Smallpools EP (listen here on SoundCloud
Why I love it: It's an instant mood-lifter.
Favorite song(s): Dreaming, Over & Over
For fans of: Phoenix, Matt & Kim

Album: Blue Rider (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: His voice is so unique, he reminds me of a modern day Bob Dylan. Yes I just said that. 
Favorite song(s): Blood Rushes On, Wayward Son
For fans of: Bob Dylan, John Fahey

Artist: Bear's Den
Album: Agape (listen here on Paste)
Why I love it: The music on this album is powerful in a quiet kind of way—much like how I interpret the name of the band. It's also really beautiful music with really beautiful lyrics.
Favorite song(s): Agape, Isaac
For fans of: Mumford & Sons, Glen Hansard

Artist: Softly Dear
Album: Portico (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: It's mellow and chill, primarily in a spacey/breathy kind of way. There are also lots of crescendos and tempo changes that I'm a big fan of. 
Favorite song(s): Know My Name, Lenses
For fans of: Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros

Friday, January 24, 2014

What's in my piggy bank for January?

For some reason when it comes to looking at fashionable purchases at the beginning of the new year, I seem to gravitate toward simple, basic items in (go figure) basic colors. I guess I just want to get a couple of staples to get 2014 started off right. The rest of the more "fun" pieces can come into play later on in the upcoming months. 

1. H&M Viscose Blouse, $17.95.
2. Urban Outfitters Bold Initial Stud Earring, $4.99. 
3. Necessary Clothing Leather Snap Back, $21.99.
4. Joe Fresh Assymetrical Zip Moto Jacket in White, $59.00
5. Merona® Perforated Leather Glove with Buckle in Brown, $21.99.
6. Target Limited Edition Bucket Bag in Navy, $34.99.
7. Forever 21 Chic Accordian Pleated Maxi Skirt, $22.80.
8. Zara Chain Belt, $19.99.
9. ModCloth Unisexy Sunglasses, $11.99.
10. Fioni Womens Two-Piece Flat in black, $27.99.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Under the (fashion) influence: Diane Kruger

I am so psyched to be back blogging again. And I am even more psyched to talk about this killer wood ring I received from Altin Place. Not only did it arrive in super cute packaging (which I am a total sucker for) with the Hawaiian islands printed in silver across the exterior ring box, but it's also a beautiful finishing piece to pretty much any outfit.

I really can't wait to rock it with something a little more boho, but I love how versatile it is that I could wear it with this outfit that was inspired by a photo I saw of Diane Kruger. As soon as I saw this pic I knew I had similar pieces to recreate it and I can't believe I didn't think of such a classic outfit idea on my own.

Here's the cheapskate breakdown:

1. Plaid coat, Marshalls ($59.99)
2. Striped sweater, Hammer's ($2.98)
3. Pleather leggings, ModCloth ($34.99)
4. Pumps, thrifted ($2.99)
5. Crossbody bag, Charlotte Russe ($9.99)
6. Sunglasses, gifted (thanks Peach!)
7. Vintage cocktail ring, gifted
8. Koa Wood Ring c/o Altin Place

Total: Under $125.00

Photos: Laura Menconi

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year Ya'll!

Ok yes, I am super late to the game on this. Like three weeks late. Sorry yall, life is pretty full these days. Anyhow, I am back at it and I just want to say that I hope you all had the best of holidays. I definitely did. Lots of fun times with old friends and family and of course, good food!

For the second year in a row, my friends and I spent New Year's Eve at Peaches' lakehouse and as always, it was amazing. It's hard enough to get everyone together that lives in the same town, so having two of gang here for NYE that are currently living in New York is just so much fun. It's great to laugh about old times and catch up on what's going on with everyone now. It's too bad the entire gang couldn't be there...maybe next year!

Anyhow, one idea Ashley had was for each person to pick 12 things they wanted to achieve in 2014. And while some of us were slackers who could barely pick 5 (ahem, moi), it was really fun to hear what everyone wants to do with the new year.

So as a way of perhaps inspiration for some of you and to also keep myself accountable, I figure I'll share my top five goals for 2014.

1. Pray more
2. Get a "real" camera and take "real" photos like a "real" blogger
3. Send a v2 outside by the end of this climbing season
4. Get certified to teach an aerobics class
5. Cook at least two dinners a week

I'm excited to say that I am already doing really well in progressing on three of these (in particular, the camera is purchased and I've already snapped a few shots). Not too bad for just a couple of weeks into the new year. But maybe we should see where I stand in March before I get too proud of myself :)

Happy new year yall!  Hope 2014 brings you so many wonderful things.