About FPCS

Good at making money? Ummmm, not so much. Good at saving money? Absolutely.

Hey everyone! I'm Christen. And this blog pretty much encompasses everything about me. I love clothes (particularly vintage/thrifted ones), music, traveling, running, climbing and eating...but I don't love to spend a ton of money on these things. I am frugal to the third power (if there is such a thing?). But believe or not, I will actually spend good money on those I love: my family and my framily (friends so close I consider them family = framily).

I started this blog first as a creative outlet and as a way to expose my stationery and invitation designs on the internet. The more I thought about it, I realized authoring and designing a blog would probably be a wise career move in general since I work in marketing and the more experience the better. So I decided I didn't want to just have a blog devoted to posting images of new stationery designs. I wanted to do more with it.

I thought long and hard about what I was good at doing. And other than being good at telling long stories (obviously), I realized I was also pretty good at being a thrifty kind of gal! My friends are always laughing at how frugal I am and one roommate even joked that I should write a book. So I figured why not write a blog instead?

So once again I got to thinking. This time about what I could possibly name my blog that would illustrate both the name of my design company (Fashionplate Press) and also encompass the thrifty aspect I planned to have as an editorial focus. And that's how Fashionplate Cheapskate was born. I think it turned out to be the perfect name since most of my thrifty posts are in regard to fashion.

If you wanna get upclose and personal, here are the deets:

I am 32 and currently live in a house (yeah, I own...hello mortgage payment!) in Birmingham, Alabama. By day I work as Director of Marketing for a local commercial real estate company and by night/weekends/whenever there's a spare moment I work on blog posts and stationery pieces for clients. Never been married, but actually dating someone at the moment....and so far so good on that one :)

If you're ever in the 'Ham you can probably find me at one of the YMCAs, Workplay, First Avenue Rocks, El Barrio, The Bottletree, The J. Clyde, Rojo, Regions Field, anywhere in Avondale or even just runnin around the city...literally.

I think that's about it. But if there's ever anything more you want to know, please just e-mail me! I love, love, love getting mail from readers.

Thanks for stopping by!