Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life lately

Quite honestly, life lately has been pretty busy! And I haven't even thought to take pictures during most of the insanity, though really most of the crazy has been meetings, outside projects and things like that, so I don't think anyone would care to see pics of that anyhow.

Instead, I am reaching way back to Christmas-time while my framily was in town visiting for the holidays, because that's definitely something that needed to be documented. We somehow managed to have every single member of the framily—and their significant others—to hangout together in the same place at the same time. It was certainly a Christmas miracle! We got so lucky that Blake and Emily were driving through Bham on their way down to see his family in Mobile for the holidays. And the rest of us just all happened to be around and home for Christmas, too. It felt ridiculously good to all be together again!

I also threw in a shot of most of the gang at Moe's on New Year's Day. If you know me and my gang, you know we love some Moe's. It's definitely our go-to. Hit up the Vestavia location and you'll prob see one, if not all of us there.

One of the most incredible things I have done lately (or ever, for that matter) was to host a band, Carolina Story, to play in my living room. They were amazing. I mean, if you make a kickdrum out of a suitcase, what else could you be but amazing? Seriously though, they sounded great, everyone loved them and Ben and Emily were such a blast to hangout with before and after the show as well. I will definitely be working on having them come back to Birmingham and I'm looking to host future shows in my home again, too. I was on a concert high like you wouldn't believe after that show! #musicisadrug

And going back to Christmas again...my dad's side of the family's get together got temporarily cancelled due to the flu, so we all got together this past weekend instead. Who doesn't love Christmas in January, right? We all played reindeer games and I got play karate with my nephew (that's our go-to activity) and I got to play with my niece and watch her eat a lemon—always entertaining. It was a good time.

And finally, I dropped in an instagram photo of my view outside of my office window while the snow was coming down a couple of weeks ago. Alabama weather, true to form, was back in the 70s a few days later.

I'm gonna try to be better about documenting good times going forward. So stay tuned!

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