Monday, February 11, 2013

Design project: Lyrics as art

I mentioned recently my homemade gifts for friends this year where I took lyrics from a Head and the Heart song to make a sign for home decor. As I said in that post, I also made another design project piece of art. Mostly because I wanted my friends to know the entire song and why it makes me think of them and all of the lyrics just couldn't fit on a sign. So I made a cute lil postcard with the lyrics in the shape of the state of Alabama, which is where we all met and started our beautiful friendships together. Then I attached the post ard to the back of the sign so they could have it framed or post it on their fridge if they wanted. 

Once I had made this, it occurred to me I should use this same idea for other instances as well. Luckily I had the opportunity to host two amazing musicians in my home a few weeks ago for a house show. If you haven't heard of Carolina Story yet, I suggest you listen to them now. Yes now. Go here and press play and then come back to my blog. 

Where were we? Oh yes, Emily and Ben of Carolina Story were coming to play a show in my house and I really wanted to do something special for them. So I took the state of North Carolina (where they fell in love) and filled it with lyrics of one my favorite songs of theirs "53 days." It just seemed to fit.  I loved it, they loved it; it was a hit. 

Obviously this is fast becoming one of my "things" I do. So get ready to see many more state outline, lyric-filled graphic design projects in the future. I'll go ahead and apologize for the redundancy now.

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Ashley Baker said...

I just framed my Rivers and Roads lyrics!