Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back of the Closet: Jeans

So there are two reasons why these jeans rarely see the light of day, both of which revolve around just how old these jeans are. See, I bought these jeans when I lived in NYC and worked at the GAP. As an employee, you get a pretty killer discount and these were fancy 1969 collection jeans that I wouldn't ordinarily spend that much on. Anyways, I lived in NYC post-college, meaning 2003. Yeah, do the math. The jeans are old. Therefore they flare, BIG time. Hence, reason number one why they aren't worn a lot. But I discovered that they look awesome when rolled up. Good thing cuffed jeans are "in" right now! Also, let's just say sometimes these jeans are a little too tight since they are in fact about 10 years old now. So ya know, sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't! :)

Since I have to cuff the jeans, I thought a good combo with this trend would be heels, a plain jane sweater and an amazing scarf with tassels. This scarf (keffiyeh/kufiya) is extra special though because it was sent to me from my friend Casey who mailed it from Iraq while he was deployed there. It made its arrival the day I came home from Africa so I have been dying to work it into my wardrobe for quite some time now. Also, tassels starting trending last summer, but I am fully aware that Casey had no idea about that!

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:
1. 1969 jeans, GAP, ($50.00/ish with employee discount)
2. Sweater, GAP outlet (??)
3. Scarf (gifted from Iraq)
4. Shoes, thrifted ($2.99)
5. Sweater jacket, Kohl's (??)
6. Bag, Designer Details in L.A. ($40.00)
7. Earrings, Oopsy Daisy (gifted from Mom)
8. Rose ring, Oopsy Daisy (gifted from Mom)

photos: Laura Menconi


emily said...

I heart that scarf so much!! Who knew that random subway ride could turn into such a fashionable connection

Loreleid said...

You look great! Love the jeans and the whole look. Great blog too.

If you want we could follow each other via GFC. Promise to follow back in case you like my blog and follow me. Kisses x