Friday, August 19, 2011

Plated: Kendi is Dino-might!

It seems I've been in some dire need of creative inspiration lately—both with my wardrobe and in an effort to expand my personal stationery collection. Well, enter in a new fav blogger of mine (thanks Em for passing her blog over to me!) Kendi from and a cute lil critter from a long time fav website of mine,

I heart Kendi because her style is just ah-mazing and she is also cute and very funny to boot! So if you haven't seen her blog before, I suggest you go there sometime soon!

I heart ModCloth for similar reasons: 1) they support bloggers - BIG TIME 2) they always offer awesome, affordable dresses that are also unique and 3) I recently found their accessories to be just as adorable, unique and affordable!

Anyhow, putting these things together—one hawt color combo from Kendi and one rad little necklace from ModCloth ($12.99)—I think I came up with a couple of pretty cute stationery pieces. It just seemed right that I put Kendi's namesake on it. I'm not sure if it's her style or not...but here's hoping she approves!

I couldn't decide which design I liked best: the chevron stripes background or the chain-influenced background that resonates with both of the necklaces—the one seen in Kendi's photo and the one on the actual Dino-Might necklace. So of course I decided to post both....which do you like best?

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