Thursday, August 25, 2011

What to wear: Sidewalk Film Festival

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Yep. That's right. The Sidewalk Film Festival has arrived a month early here in the Magic City, and I for one couldn't be more ecstatic! Weekend pass is purchased, most of my movie choices have been narrowed down and the opening film starts Friday night at 8 p.m. All I have to do now is figure out what to wear for the next three days to this incredible event. Oh, is that all?

As an everyday-average kind of gal, determining what to wear to an event like this (or heck, even to work for that matter!) is always a process, am I right? A weekend long film festival is certainly no exception. So I'm turning to some of the best leading ladies out there for some inspiration. I thought I'd post my top choices just in case some of you other gals are trying to figure out what to wear for such an occasion as this. When researching my inspiration, I preemptively determined what type of outfits I was looking for based on a few wardrobe challenge assumptions I have.

Here's what I've determined these challenges to be: 1) it's still crazy hot here in AL, but I imagine that  it will be cold inside the theaters, so layers are important, 2) I will be walking all over downtown Bham, therefore flats/comfy shoes are a must and 3) most importantly, everything I choose needs to be hip and casual, not glamorous. Basically, I'd liken this type of an event to a music festival.

I've noticed a few patterns in the inspiration outfits I've chosen: flared jeans, olive green and a laid back hippie/ster vibe. So get ready for a follow up post next week featuring something I've pulled from the back of my closet that incorporates these types of items.

Later skaters! Enjoy the show!

ps. If you're at Sidewalk, look for me! I'm hoping to start BHAM street style this weekend and would love to feature you on my blog!

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Sarah said...

Wow, the Sidewalk Film Festival sounds awesome. I can see how your outfits would pose a challenge, though. It has hardly been summer here in Oregon and I have been able to stick with layers nearly all of the season. I can't wait to check back and see what you wore!