Monday, August 29, 2011

WTW: sidewalk...the follow up

Well, sadly the Sidewalk Film Festival has come and gone, but what a fun, jam-packed weekend it was! I saw ten movies in just two days and one night. You can't beat that for $55, am I right?! Some were fantastic, others...not so much.

Among those that I loved were:
Bag of Hammers: a film about framily, cons and what happens when real life gets in the way
The Tents: a documentary about Fashion Week in Bryant Park
The Robber: a true-story, fast-moving action flick about an Austrian marathoner who robbed banks
• Live at Preservation Hall: A Louisiana Fairytale: a documentary about the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

I was fortunate enough to see PHJB perform live a little over a year ago at the Alabama Theater with My Morning Jacket, who was also featured in the film. The music, story and photographs included in the doc are enough to stand on their own...but put them all together and it's a whole other out of this world type of collaboration. I think this was actually my favorite film, mostly because I almost chose to see another movie since I had seen the band perform live, but I can't tell you how thankful I am that I didn't skip it!

But overall, I'd say the Sidewalk Film Festival was a great way to spend some quality time with my beloved city of Birmingham and one of my best friends, Amy, at To Do! by Amy. I was able to experience Bham as I haven't experienced before, including trying a new restaurant or two downtown and stepping inside the Lyric Theater to witness the ongoing renovations.

Oh and did I mention I also found a couple of cute outfits to rock as well? Yep. See what I chose below for opening night and Saturday. I'm saving what I wore the last day of the festival, for a post all on it's own. And btw, if you are in Bham or nearby and have never been to Sidewalk...ummm, why not?

photos: Amy D.

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