Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Artist: PigPen Theatre Co.
Album: The Way I'm Running (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: There's a solid mix of super fun, upbeat songs and slower pieces—all with lots of gorgeous harmonies.
Favorite song(s): Sailor
For fans of: Seryn, Mumford & Sons
Bonus: I can't believe it, but these guys are coming to Bham on March 19th to Workplay!

Artist: Smallpools
Album: Smallpools EP (listen here on SoundCloud
Why I love it: It's an instant mood-lifter.
Favorite song(s): Dreaming, Over & Over
For fans of: Phoenix, Matt & Kim

Album: Blue Rider (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: His voice is so unique, he reminds me of a modern day Bob Dylan. Yes I just said that. 
Favorite song(s): Blood Rushes On, Wayward Son
For fans of: Bob Dylan, John Fahey

Artist: Bear's Den
Album: Agape (listen here on Paste)
Why I love it: The music on this album is powerful in a quiet kind of way—much like how I interpret the name of the band. It's also really beautiful music with really beautiful lyrics.
Favorite song(s): Agape, Isaac
For fans of: Mumford & Sons, Glen Hansard

Artist: Softly Dear
Album: Portico (listen here on Bandcamp)
Why I love it: It's mellow and chill, primarily in a spacey/breathy kind of way. There are also lots of crescendos and tempo changes that I'm a big fan of. 
Favorite song(s): Know My Name, Lenses
For fans of: Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros

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