Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year Ya'll!

Ok yes, I am super late to the game on this. Like three weeks late. Sorry yall, life is pretty full these days. Anyhow, I am back at it and I just want to say that I hope you all had the best of holidays. I definitely did. Lots of fun times with old friends and family and of course, good food!

For the second year in a row, my friends and I spent New Year's Eve at Peaches' lakehouse and as always, it was amazing. It's hard enough to get everyone together that lives in the same town, so having two of gang here for NYE that are currently living in New York is just so much fun. It's great to laugh about old times and catch up on what's going on with everyone now. It's too bad the entire gang couldn't be there...maybe next year!

Anyhow, one idea Ashley had was for each person to pick 12 things they wanted to achieve in 2014. And while some of us were slackers who could barely pick 5 (ahem, moi), it was really fun to hear what everyone wants to do with the new year.

So as a way of perhaps inspiration for some of you and to also keep myself accountable, I figure I'll share my top five goals for 2014.

1. Pray more
2. Get a "real" camera and take "real" photos like a "real" blogger
3. Send a v2 outside by the end of this climbing season
4. Get certified to teach an aerobics class
5. Cook at least two dinners a week

I'm excited to say that I am already doing really well in progressing on three of these (in particular, the camera is purchased and I've already snapped a few shots). Not too bad for just a couple of weeks into the new year. But maybe we should see where I stand in March before I get too proud of myself :)

Happy new year yall!  Hope 2014 brings you so many wonderful things.

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