Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boho Asian fusion

So it's been a month. Miss me?

Ugh, yeah, sorry about that. I've definitely missed you guys and blogging in general. Somehow I just haven't been able to squeeze in any time lately. Here's hoping that changes and I can be more consistent in the near future (fingers crossed.)

Anyhow, this little ditty of an outfit came about because I love this skirt that I scored from a post Christmas sale at Madewell and I have been dying to feature it. But I wanted to jazz things up a bit with it and not just do a same ole nice top and skirt combo. That's when I saw this top that has been hanging in my closet since I lived in NYC—um yeah, more than 10 years ago—and knew it was time for it to come out of retirement.

Once I started piling things on, it became apparent that even though I was rockin an Asian printed top, I  still couldn't let go of my boho ways. But I figured that was ok and I should embrace it. And that's how Asian Boho fusion was born.

Let's go to the cheapskate outfit breakdown, shall we?

1. Top, Chinatown in NYC (old - ??)
2. Skirt, Madewell ($34.99)
3. Knee socks, Century 21 (old - ??)
4. Boots, The Clotheshorse ($32.50)
5. Purse, gifted/handed down (thanks Granny!)
6. Hat, Target ($16.99)
7. Jacket, Know Style ($39.99)
8. Bracelet, Charlotte Russe ($6.00)
9. Tungsten ring, c/o Modern Design
10. Vintage cocktail ring, gifted
11. Love ring, gifted (thanks Em!)
12. Sunglasses, c/o Sunglass Warehouse

Total: Under $150.00

Photos: Laura Menconi

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