Friday, November 18, 2011

Plated: Iron Bowl

Recently my boss asked me to simply print off some invitations for his son's upcoming Iron Bowl birthday party. First of all, for those who don't live in the great state of Alabama, the Iron Bowl is THE football game of the year for most Alabamians. It's Alabama vs. Auburn which is the state rivalry, so it's always our last game of the regular season. So besides just absolutely loving to design birthday invitations, I also am a pretty big Alabama football fan, so I think it's humorous that he thought I could actually simply print the word doc invitations he gave me. I mean, here was a chance to combine two of my favorite hobbies. So naturally, I had to ask if he minded that I try to design up something fancy instead and of course, he was game (pun intended).

So I thought about it for a while and started on a clever catchy phrase in a collegiate font with a football field as the main background, when out of nowhere it hit me. What if this was like a ticket to get into the party? And what if it looked like a real Alabama football ticket? So I took a photo that I had taken of my own tickets to the AL/TN game earlier this season and designed the invite based on that design, changing it up only a little to add some houndstooth and to reflect more of a child's birthday party type theme. And voila! I think I've got a championship winning birthday invitation on my hands here people!

Happy Friday y'all! And of course, Roll Tide!

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