Friday, November 11, 2011

New use for concealer

Recently I bought some concealer at the Dollar Tree in hopes to use it as a "primer" for my eye makeup since the primer I like is about $20 at Sephora. Well, this idea was a bust as it didn't work too well and my liner still ran down my face. This left me with a tube of cheap concealer on my hands and I needed to figure out how I could use it. "Lips?" Was my next thought. Presto! We have a winner.

I've started dabbing the 301 Beige L.A. Colors concealer on my lips, rubbing it in with my fingers, then adding my favorite lip gloss, Peach Sand by  Jordana, on top and viola! It's the best (cheap) nude lip color I think I've created in a while. 

So try it, you might like it! And if not, then you're only out $3.00. What a bargain. 

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