Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make this, don't buy that

Last year I got pretty crafty with my New Year's Eve outfit and decided to make my own feathered skirt. It was a huge success, even if I did molt all night long. I mean, I think that just made it easier to find me...follow the feathers! Anyhow, I loved the skirt and I wore a couple more times too actually so I know I got my time and money's worth out of it.

Then, just the other day, a friend of mine in NYC sent me a photo of a very similar outfit at Urban Outfitters going for $199.00. Um seriously? I made mine for about $50 or less. I should start mass producing these apparently!

So if you love this outfit from UO, but would rather spend the time to make your own for less, you can find the detailed tutorial from WWWD here. All you need is a skirt, feathers, glue and then a black tank top to tuck into the skirt. If I can make this, you can too!

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