Thursday, March 3, 2011

Under the (fashion) influence

I have to admit, I have some pretty crafty parents. Growing up, our family was always a DIY household. If my mom saw something she liked—whether it was decor for the home or a cute new outfit or bow for me—she'd create her own version to save money. And same for my dad. He can build pretty much anything - if you could see the before and after pics of my house, you'd be a believer! So I guess it's just in my blood that I would be a DIYer too. Especially since I love saving money so much!  That's why when I saw this DIY feather skirt project on WWWD's e-newsletter last December by PS I made this, I was smitten and knew I had to make it myself. And it turned out to be a fantastic budget outfit choice for New Year's Eve. Not to mention, a smashing choice for the Girl Talk concert at WorkPlay in late January as well.

To create my skirt, I basically followed these detailed instructions featured on WWWD. Luckily I already had a skirt in my closet that I had bought at Rainbow for $5 that I didn't mind covering up with feathers. Then I bought the feather trim and fabric glue at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately I had to buy more feathers than what should've been required because my skirt flared out and there was more fabric to cover, so I would suggest choosing a body con skirt with less fabric. This one here at the $15 store might work. And I would also suggest looking at the Hobby Lobby website before you shop for the glue and feathers because they always have good coupons here which will help you save even more money.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here are a few pics of how the skirt turned out. I couldn't decide how to style it for the photo shoot, so I did two options. One with bright lips and a ton of fun accessories and another with minimal nude accessories and dark eyes with nude lips.

Of course I couldn't resist a "Black Swan" photo opp. 

photos: Laura Menconi

ps. If you don't like the idea of glueing the feathers, here's another option a friend of mine recently discovered using feather boas and a zigzag sewing pattern on


Lekki said...

Great entry - I am so going to try it. 2 questions: who does the awesome photography and why don't you have any cellulite ?!? Not fair :)

christen said...

haha! lekki you are too funny! first, my good friend and co-worker Laura takes my fashion photos. She's amazing. And my other good friend Amy has taken a few product pick photos, also amazing.

And I'm not believing for one second that you and your rockin body has cellulite!