Monday, August 27, 2012

One dress, three ways

I think I need to call this the "family fun" dress. Why you may ask? Because a) I found it at Ross Dress for Less while I was shopping with my mom and sister-in-law about a month ago. And b) because I let my brother do this photoshoot this past weekend while I was back in my hometown for my niece's first birthday party.

Anyhow, I was pretty stoked to come across this dress at Ross. So stoked that I made myself put back another dress I was already holding and planning to purchase (I had given myself a strict 'one-item-only' purchase code of conduct before walking into the store...and I actually stuck to it - hurrah!).

I fell in love with the dress first and foremost because of the striped print and colors. Even though this is a sleeveless summer dress, it will most certainly get taken into fall and winter with the right jackets to be layered on top (so basically, get ready to see future photoshoots with this dress).

I also knew it would be super versatile within each season, which is why I had to go ahead and do a "one dress, three ways" post now.  Oh and I love the dress for the price too, of course. I mean, $14.99 what's not to love about that?

And since we're going with that whole "3" thing in this post, here are three things I learned from this photoshoot:

1. This dress isn't quite as flattering on me as I previously thought, but I still don't care. I love it anyway.
2. I put my right arm up behind my head a lot in my photoshoots.
3. My brother has turned into quite the professional photographer! I hope we can get together for more shoots soon.

Here's each cheapskate outfit breakdown:

Look 1
1. Striped dress, Ross Dress for Less ($14.99)
2. Platform wedges, Charlotte Russe ($32.50)
3. Black crossbody bag, thrifted ($3.00)
4. Sunglasses, Rugged Wearhouse ($2.99)
5. Earrings, Trade Day ($.50)
6. Bangles, gifted (thanks Mom!)
7. Cocktail ring, Charlotte Russe ($3.99)

Total: Under $75

Look 2
1. Striped dress, Ross Dress for Less ($14.99)
2. Straight shooter tee, giveaway (free)
3. Hat, Rugged Wearhouse ($3.99) 
4. Canvas bag, giveaway (free) 
5. Black oxfords, TJ Maxx ($12.99)
6. Sunglasses, gifted (thanks Joy!)
7. Vintage cocktail ring, gifted (thanks Cathy!)
8. Cocktail ring, ATL market ($2.00)
9. Earrings, gifted (thanks Peach!)

Total: Under $50.00

Look 3
1. Striped dress, Ross Dress for Less ($14.99)
2. Tan wedges, Charlotte Russe ($12.50) *buy one, get one half off deal
3. Sunglasses, Venice Beach ($7.00)
4. Oversized clutch, Altar'd State ($5.00)
5. Bracelet, gifted from Africa (thanks Amy!)
6. Cocktail ring, ATL market ($3.00)

Total: Under $50.00

By the way, if you love this dress, here is a similar one I found at Target for $19.99.

photos: Josh Lewis (my brother!)


Kacie said...

I love maxi dresses because they are so versatile!

Sfionna said...

the look 2 is soo cool *_*