Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My latest obsession (in food): Express lunch plate

Somewhere around the beginning of the year I decided to clean out one of my kitchen cabinets. And when I did I found this handy cookbook that a roommate had given me a couple of years ago. She had worked for Oxmoor House so she had a plethora of books at her disposal and I was one of her lucky recipients!

Anyhow, it's called the CarbLover's Diet and as I flipped through it I thought, hey this stuff actually looks good. So I did it for a while and then like everything else, I just ran out of time to cook every night and shop at the grocery store like you need to be able to do for this kind of meal planning.

Even though I quit "following" the book, per se, I actually have a couple of recipes or food ideas that I still use from it on a weekly basis. One of them is the express lunch plate. What is the express lunch plate you might ask? Oh, well let me just tell you!

The express lunch plate:

• a hard boiled egg
• an ounce of cheddar cheese
• a sliced apple
• 3 rye crispbread crackers

I'll be honest, I substitute the rye crackers for the equivalent amount in triscuits instead. Mostly because they are just easier to find in the grocery store.

What I love about this meal is simple: with the exception of boiling the egg it's pretty much grab and go, it's low cal (right at 400) yet filling and I feel like I am getting a variety of what my body needs in just one small meal. Plus, oddly enough, I eat this about 3x a week and I haven't got tired of it yet!

So if you like all of the pieces of this meal, you might think about adding it into your lunch rotation. It's just such an easy and quick fix!

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