Friday, June 7, 2013

Pesky hindsight

Oh hindsight. Why you gotta be so 20/20?

Ok, I hate to disappoint. But it's really not as exciting as you're thinking. I'm just simply lamenting that I didn't use the solid gray wall as my background for all of these photos. Those are clearly my best pics and the others seem inconsistent. I just thought I needed to make things exciting by adding in a bit of the city scene and some greenery.

If only I wasn't so much of a chicken and I could actually handle looking at my photos during the shoot. Instead my MO is to just have Leslie snap a ton of pictures and cross my fingers that at least five turn out okay.

Well, maybe this will learn me! (yeah, I said "learn me" - I'm from the south....accept my ridiculous figures of speech. Even if they are grammatically incorrect)

Obviously I have nothing better to tell you guys. So let's just get to the cheapskate outfit breakdown, shall we?

1. Top, Forever 21/gifted (thanks Ashley!)
2. Skirt, Target ($22.99)
3. Wedges, Charlotte Russe ($32.50)
4. Necklace, The Clothes Horse ($10.50)
5. Hat, Rugged Wearhouse ($3.99)
6. Square ring, Brooklyn Flea ($5.00)
7. Circle ring, Brooklyn Flea ($5.00)
8. Simple gold ring, gifted/passed down
9. Crossbody bag, thrifted ($3.00)
10. Sunglasses, gifted (thanks Joy!)

Total: Under $100.00

Photos: Leslie Evans

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Lauren said...

Your wedges are so cute girl! Lovely photos!! You are so pretty! xo