Friday, December 27, 2013

Ideal vs. steal: Metal belt

I've been obsessed with gold accessories (mostly jewelry) for a while now. But gold adornment on belts is something else entirely. It's just a tad new for me. I think it all started with a rad purchase I made at the Brooklyn Flea last fall—a black stretchy belt with gold Native American headdresses as the closure. Um yeah, awesome.

Anyhow, I had started noticing a lot more gold cuff type jewelry recently that I was drawn to and then the other day I saw a photo of girl in a black jumpsuit with a belt that looked like a gold cuff. I was smitten immediately; and thus the obsession began.

So I did some searching and found this beauty from INTERMIX, but I was certainly not smitten with its price tag. And that's when I found this pretty amazing and almost identical metal cap belt from Necessary Clothing for only $8.99. Too bad Christmas is over and I can't put it on my wish list! But at least at this price I can purchase it for myself.


Samantha said...

Oh, I do love gold accessories! For a while yellow gold was out, I'm glad to see it's coming back (more options). These belts are lovely.

Ashley said...

I'm so about these kinds of posts. :) I don't believe in spending so much money on clothing when you can get better things at better prices, or better yet, thrifted!

xo Ashley

Marlen said...

Whaaat they look identical!! Check you out and your amazing shopping ninja skills, I would totally nab the one on the right and still feel like I'm wearing the super pricey one on the left. And it's so posh and classy- it'd be such a pretty detail with a dress.

xo marlen
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