Sunday, July 3, 2011

I was infatuated from the very first time I saw this WhoWhatWearDaily "inspired by" post on Isabel Marant about two years ago. I just loved the color choices and "hippie-chic" vibe I got from it. So much so, that I have kept it all this time in my email to refer to it for future Fourth of July wardrobe decisions. But I never thought I would refer to it for stationery inspiration, until now.

It's been a while since I've done a "plated" post so I thought with the Fourth of July holiday here, it would be perfect timing. In addition to the colors and beautiful ornate detailing I used from the Isabel Marant collection, I also took the headline words from a Swoozie's koozie. One of my best friends, Emily, actually bought my friends and I a cup with this same wording last summer because, believe it or not, my friends started the whole "boom" thing that started last year. (I swear they were saying it way before anyone else was or the Nike commercial came out. Scout's honor!)

Anyhow, I thought with the combination of these items, it would make for a perfect Fourth of July lake party invitation. I know I love it, but what do you guys think?!

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