Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new method to the madness

I realize that I am a bit behind on this, but I've finally jumped on board with the credit card trend. Now before you are shocked, I have had a credit card for a longggg time. But what I haven't been doing is paying for everything with my credit card first and then paying it off each month. I knew lots of friends and relatives who did this, but it just made me too nervous.

I'm not sure what made me make the switch, but one day I just decided to try it for a month and see how it goes. I can't tell you how great of a change this has been for me so far! I no longer stress about every single purchase or have the typical buyer's guilt that I experience whenever I go to an extra dinner or movie, etc. I just put it on my credit card and then when the bill comes the following month, I simply pay it off. I don't know why it makes it so much easier to do it this way, but it does. I guess I feel like there is just one big bill to pay instead of ton of small ones.

Another big payoff besides less stress for me, is the rewards program that most all credit cards offer. I think my next step in this process will be to get the Southwest credit card so I can start getting a couple of free flights every year. Now that I have friends all across the states, sounds like a good plan to me!

disclaimer: I wouldn't say the credit card strategy works well for everyone. I have pretty good self restraint, so I don't have the urge to buy everything and put it on my credit card. If you don't have this same self control...well, "don't try this at home!"

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Kelly said...

I think it's much easier! And I like the rewards. Hope it works for you!