Friday, October 7, 2011

Plated: Retro toys

It seems like I always slack on the "plated" posts. Most likely because I am too busy working on other things to find the time to design for funsies. But luckily I was recently asked to create some baby shower invitations, so I was forced to get creative.

This invitation was a challenge because I did actually have complete creative license to do whatever I wanted. This is so rare that I had no idea what to do. The only parameters I was given was to use blue and brown and maybe the idea of the baby blocks could be incorporated. So I started working with that and realized that I really wanted to add a third color. I knew the daddy-to-be was an Auburn fan, so I figured I would be in no trouble at all if I threw some orange on the page as an accent color.

As I started putting this all together I thought the shade of orange I chose with the blue and brown created a nice nostalgic feel, almost like an old western poster or something. I thought I still needed a border and settled on a retro one that looked almost like "jacks" and complemented the baby blocks element. Ta da! I was done. Then it was on to the next challenge of creating the decorative circles that will be used on the cups for the punch, but could also be used as cupcake toppers. I simply used the same fonts and colors and kept everything in the same scheme of things for uniformity sake and I think everything turned out nicely! But see below for yourselves.

Have a great weekend!

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