Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's in my piggy bank for October?

1. Styles for Less Side Pocket Open Front Wrap ($12.99). It's become way too apparent that I need more cardigans in my life/closet. I love the unique color of this one and how cozy it looks. And it has pockets, too?! Bananas.

2. Old Navy Women's Rock Star Jeggings ($34.94). My photographer said she was loving a pair of jeans she bought at Old Navy recently. I can only assume (and hope!) that these are the ones she is referring to, because I could really use some new skinny jeans and I think this price will look pretty good on me! (did I mention they have other colors?!)

3. Old Navy Tie-Neck Breezy Blouse in Foxy Lady ($34.94). I can't imagine a more gorgeous color to wear for fall. And it looks ridiculously similar to blouses I've seen on several celebrities...minus the price tag they probably paid!

4. ModCloth All Occasion Ring ($11.99). I can't stop fancying this fancy vintage inspired cocktail ring. It's just so perfectly lady like...which is so not what I am at all. All the reason I love it more.

5. a.n.a. Kara Messenger Bag in Cognac from JCPenney ($39.99). I am certain that I have picked something similar to this bag before, but it was so gorgeous and perfect for fall that I had to choose this for October. It's one of those pieces that looks way more expensive than it really is.

6. Xhiliration® Karima Leather Boots in Brown from Target ($49.99). Yes, I have brown knee high flat boots, but these are different! They fit the more "casual and rugged" category that I don't currently have. And 50 bones is not a bad price at all to pay for quality leather boots.

7. Charlotte Russe Layered Arrow Earrings ($6.00). I think these are simply gorgeous and will go most everything in my closet. That's all.

8. Forever21 Scalloped Suedette Skirt ($17.80). Love the color, love the cut, love the material, love the price. Love it all.

9. Styles for Less Flowy Striped Knit Skirt ($16.99). I'm envisioning this with bright tights and a bump it updo in my hair for a quirky mod/punk combo. Just trust me.

10. Charlotte Russe Sheer Dotted Tights and Hearts and Bows Tights (2 pair for $12.00). I love textured tights. They turn an otherwise ordinary outfit come into something more creative. These two styles are child-like and sweet, and I can't wait to own them for myself!

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