Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the local: Cheap eats at Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill

photo taken from Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill

Since I first started working in downtown Birmingham this past summer, it's been my mission to try as many restaurants in the area as possible. From day one, I would drive in every day Monday - Friday on 3rd Avenue N. and gaze longingly at the Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill and its adorable diner appearance, already open for breakfast, and wish I had time to stop the car, and jump out and grab a biscuit. Then I would make a mental note to self: Must try for lunch soon!

Sadly it took me all the way until the Sidewalk Film Festival in August before I got around to trying the Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill. The verdict? It. Was. Amazing. And no worries, I have since made up for lost time! Basically the food is yummy and cheap! Obviously they are more known for their hot dogs and I've heard their hamburgers are really good too, but honestly I can't stop getting the patty melt combo (for $7 total!) to try anything else on the menu. And a word to the wise? GET A REAL COKE. Amy at ToDo! and I both agree it is the best coke in town.

So if you're ever downtown during lunch Monday - Saturday, do yourself a favor and stop by the Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill. And maybe just one day, I'll be early enough to work so I can try their breakfast. Maybe.

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