Thursday, October 27, 2011

Splurge on: Shoes

Second to dresses, I would say that shoes would be my next favorite item of clothing. Again, it was super hard to narrow this down to just six choices and honestly since it's fall, I clearly have boots on the brain! But I tried to be fair and showcase a couple of other shoes that weren't boots as well. And I tried to balance dressy and casual. Obviously it's pretty tough being a blogger!

1. Styles for Less Knee High Pleather Boots, $39.99
2. Fioni Loveit Overlasted Platform Pumps in Navy, $27.99
3. Forever21 Distressed Leatherette Boots, $32.80
4. Styles for Less T-strap Boho Heels, $29.99
5. Old Navy Toggle Sweater Adoraboots in Oatmeal, $36.94
6. George Maxie Oxford Ankle Boots, $18.00

ps. I wear a size 6.5 if anyone wants to send a pair of these my way! :)

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