Friday, September 6, 2013

Design project: Four year old girls birthday party invitation

I was talking with J's sister-in-law recently one night after church about her twin daughters' upcoming 4th birthday party. She mentioned she hadn't really had time to get invitiations together, so they would probably just do an evite since it was going to be a low key affair.

Of course I immediately offered my design services. And even though I kept insisting it wouldn't be any trouble at all, I was pretty sure that she wouldn't take me up on the offer. But to my great surprise, I got a text from her a couple days later asking if I was sure I didn't mind.

After a couple of texts later I learned there was no theme for the party and she just wanted the invitation to be simple and that pink and blue were good color choices. I was able to get her to send me an idea of something she liked and I basically just improved on it a bit. It's not anything outrageous, but it's fun, cute, festive and (I think) exactly what the twins' mom wanted. So I think I did okay!

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Disclaimer: Names, dates, etc have been changed.

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