Monday, September 30, 2013

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Artist: Joshua Radin
Album: Wax Wings (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It sounds just similar enough to all the other Joshua Radin albums that I love. And trust me, that is a compliment.
Favorite song(s): My my baby
For fans of: Joshua Radin, Matt Wertz,
Peter Bradley Adams
Bonus: You can see Joshua Radin at Workplay in B'ham on Oct. 15th.

Album: Live Old, Die Young (listen on their website)
Why I love it: They have a very unique sound.
Kind of like mixing folk with some good old fashioned ambient pop. 
Favorite song(s): Washing, Seventeen, Let it Down
For fans of: Seryn, Gotye, Peter Gabriel 

Artist: Young Readers
Album: Family Trees (listen on bandcamp)
Why I love it: It's my favorite blend of mellow melancholy.
Favorite song(s): All I have
For fans of: A.A. Bondy, The Felice Brothers

Album: Pitchman (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It's lovely and peaceful and has great female/male harmonies. Oh and I forgot to mention a little bit of pickin', too. 
Favorite song(s): Roll Up Your Sleeves,
Big Tall Pines
For fans of: The Lone Bellow, Carolina Story

Artist: Courtney Jaye
Album: The Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye
(listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It's a little bit country, a little bit island-y and maybe even a teensy bit 60s pop.
Favorite song(s): Need Love, Tiger's Eye
For fans of: Brandi Carlile, Juliana Hatfield,
She & Him
Bonus: You can catch Courtney Jaye at the
Cask & Drum music festival in B'ham on Oct. 12th. 

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