Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life lately

So life lately has been just a bit more insane than usual. Still the typical something going on every night, but day job and freelance work have both picked up recently, so I've been a super busy girl!

First of all, there seems to be at least one concert a week that I've either attended or wanted to attend. It started with Mumford & Sons a couple of Monday nights ago. Super great show and I'm so glad I actually got to see them perform live, but I struggle with really big shows like that. I'm just so used to the smaller, more intimate shows these days and I enjoy them so much more.

Like the Carolina Story show I went to the following Thursday of that same week. Such a great time! Ben and Emily sounded great and I really enjoyed hearing some of their new songs (off their upcoming album!) and it was a super good time for me and J to be able to hang with them after the show as well. Definitely looking forward to them coming back to town in November.

I also went to the FUN. concert in Tuscaloosa on the actual night of my birthday with a few friends. Again, awesome to see them in person and the lead singer has the most ridiculously amazing voice, but still...big show. I just feel so far away from the musicians! I need to be all up in the action and I just can't afford to do that at bigger shows.

In between all the concerts, there have been several birthdays, including myself, my friend Joy and J's twin nieces. And my friend Peaches' birthday is coming up! So lots of celebrating going on these days.

And of course, after all the celebrations, what does one do but take a nice Sunday afternoon backyard nap in the awesome eno hammock that J gave me as my bday present! This thing is going to be used often, I can already tell.

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