Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy and cute semi-updo hair tutorial

One day my friend Cassidy was rockin this super cute semi-updo that looked perfect for either a casual day or even a special event. When I said I loved her hair, she was like, "Oh it's so easy and quick to do. It's my go-to hairstyle. I'll have to show you how I do it sometime."

So I not only took her up on that offer, but decided it needed to be a hair tutorial blog post, too. you're welcome!

What you'll need:
• about 5 minutes
• preferably semi damp hair
• a comb (if your hair doesn't part naturally)
• a hairband

See, it's already looking pretty easy!

Step one: After your hair is parted to one side, choose the side with the larger amount of hair and take a small section of hair from roots. You will then twirl this piece of hair back and then hold it with that same hand.

Step two: Use your other hand to take the next small section of hair underneath what you have already twirled back (which you are still holding). Wrap this new section of hair around and into what is already been twirled.

Step three: Again, you're taking your free hand that is not holding what you have twirled back and using it to grab the next small piece of hair at the base of your hairline and twirl it into what has already been twirled.

Step four: You continue this process of pulling new pieces of hair under the large portion that has already been twirled and along the base of your hairline, and then adding those pieces into the twirled hair.

Step five: Eventually you will have all of your hair twirled into one big piece and there will be a pretty "crown effect" going around the bottom of your hair.

Step six: Using a hairband, secure everything you have twirled together in one piece into a low bun.

Ta da! Now you're looking cute and put together, whether you're all dressed up for a night out at an upcoming holiday party or if it's just another day at work.

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ps. HUGE thanks to Cassidy for sharing her tips and agreeing to let me photograph her for this post! 

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