Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life lately

As usual it's been a fun and busy couple of weeks. One of the Mountain High Outfitters locations here in town had this cool music event in the store one Tuesday night, so J and I decided to go check that out and ended up running into a couple of folks we knew. Good times!

Other than that, it seems that everything else I have done lately has revolved around (which is actually the story of my life). Joy and I finally got to have lunch one day to catch up and I eagerly chose the Lyric Hot Dog & Grill since it is shutting it's doors for forever at the end of the month. So sad about this, but it definitely had a good run!

J & I also got to spend some time with Joy and her husband Justin this past week with dinner at Slice followed by a trip to the Alabama Theatre to see It's a Wonderful Life. I love all of the film series the Alabama hosts, but the holiday series is of course my favorite.

The night with the Martucci's was a good jump start to an equally fun weekend spent in Mississippi to see several of J's friends who were home for the holidays. We headed over on Friday night to visit Hannah in her hometown at a tacky Christmas party hosted by one of her friends. The next day we all drove to Jackson, making a quick pitstop in Oxford for some Big Bad Breakfast. Totally worth the stop!

Saturday night was spent meeting several new faces that J has known pretty much his life. Yeah, you can say I was just a tad nervous! But we had a great time and I think most of them actually liked me :) The next day we had lunch with another friend who couldn't make it Saturday night. He chose this great little drug store called Brent's Drugs where The Help was filmed, and of course the greasy spoon food treated us right! Such a great weekend. I mean who knew you could have that much fun in Mississippi?! jk jk jk.

Anyhow, after a big fun-filled weekend like that, you really only want some quality rest and downtime, but it's just not happening this time of year. Just two days after we got home from MS, J and I headed up to my neck of the woods in Alabama to see my immediate family for lunch on Christmas Eve and then he also endured met my dad's side of the family later that night. 

We got home pretty late after a day of driving, eating, playing with kids and opening presents and we were up again early the next day for more of the same with his side of the family. I was pretty tired but it was so worth it watching his niece's open their gifts Christmas morning. I haven't done the Christmas morning excitement with kids since I was a kid myself, so I felt pretty lucky and special getting to crash J's family time like I did. 

The rest of Christmas day was blur with tons of great food and opening fantastic gifts and I also enjoyed a late afternoon nap :) J and I wrapped up the day with a trip to the movies with my friend Peaches who is in town from NYC. It's so good to have everyone home for the holidays! Hope you all are enjoying time spent with loved ones, too. 

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Ali Hval said...

Man, I thought I recognized that A in the picture of you two with the Alabama Theatre behind you! Haha, I'm about thirty minutes out of Birmingham and that's a funny coincidence. Hope the movie was awesome--I have yet to see that one, actually. I've heard it's pretty deep but pretty grand.