Monday, December 9, 2013

Life lately

I've been really terrible at remembering to take photos lately. So that's why this post looks a little more sparse than usual. Anyhow, I had a really good Thanksgiving with family, it's always good to see my niece and nephew (and yeah, the rest of the fam too :) I ate lots of food and my brother took some outfits photos that I still haven't even had a chance to review yet. I think they are gonna be pretty good though, so stay tuned for that!

The next day I got up early on a freezing cold morning to meet Casey (in town from Portland!) for a quick run through Mountain Brook and then a brief coffee break so we could actually talk without all the huffin and puffin up the hills. I was so stinkin happy to see her (& her ring!) and squeeze her in person. Miss that girl so much!

Later in the day I got to meet one of J's best friends who lives out in Tahoe and was home for the long weekend. We all drove up to somewhere near the Ocoee River and crashed another one of their friend's family Thanksgiving weekend. I was fully prepared to be roughing it in a cabin with several people that I didn't know, but we pulled up to an incrediblly large house that sat right on the Ocoee River (or I think it was the Ocoee anyhow). It was gorgeous and we had a great time eating and laughing and playing ping pong and watching football all weekend. After dating J for about 10 months now, I was stoked to finally get to meet both Adam and Josh.

After the big Turkey Day weekend getaway, things have been pretty slow in my social life (not so much at work though!). It's rained a ton here lately, so J and I have seen a couple more movies including Thor, which I actually enjoyed, and the Hunger Games, which of course I loved. I also used this past yucky Saturday to get part of my Christmas shopping done before we watched the SEC Championship with some friends of ours. Then yesterday's rainy weather gave me a chance to even get a couple of gifts wrapped and under the tree!

And for me, cold dreary weather also brings about the desire/need for coffee. I'm really hoping my new Wednesday-after-work coffee break with the girls takes off and it becomes a time that we can all see each other and catch up hopefully once a week. But with holiday schedules and plans, who knows! It's worth a shot though :)

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