Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buy this, not that: sole sisters

The other night as my friends and I gathered for dinner, there were two of us wearing pretty much identical pairs of shoes. As Stephanie (aka, Peaches) and Ashley talked about how many compliments they each received on these shoes, I also learned that one bought her knockoff pair at Target and the other bought the real deal Madden Girl shoes somewhere else. 

While looking at the two shoes, I knew which one was which because Ashley bought hers for our friend Emily’s wedding, but had I not known that fact, I would’ve thought both pair to be equals.  Only one girl probably saved at least $15 with her Target purchase. 

So note to self ladies, see a pair of shoes you like? Check out the selection at Target first and see if maybe they don't have something similar that's also a little more affordable.

Later skaters!

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