Monday, September 26, 2011

Product pick: Equate Healthy Glow

photo: Laura Menconi

Summer is coming to an end, which means tans will be fading fast. Yes, I know how bad the sun is for you, but I still LOVE laying out and getting that summer glow. I have always hated how washed out I look without a tan in the winter, but I have forced myself to quit going to the tanning bed. I figure that's at least one nice break I can give my body! Plus, I found that I can compromise by using a self tanner towards the end of summer/beginning of fall to extend my tan throughout the winter. I figure if I start using a self tanner early enough in the season, I'll just "keep" my tan and no one will ever notice the difference!

I've found this Wal-mart version to be my favorite so far. It looks natural, doesn't smell too awful and it's the cheapest one on the market too, coming in at $4.27. It definitely stacks up to the Jergens competition and it saves you more than $3.00! So if you're looking to extend your tan or if you're starting from scratch with fair skin, the Equate Healthy Glow moisturizer is the way to go! Just pick which tone you think best works for your skin and let the lotion do the'll have a summer glow in no time!

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