Friday, September 23, 2011

What to wear: Football games

It seems I missed the "kickoff" of football season with this post (yes, cheesy pun intended). But I always say better late than never. And I figure this is just one installment of "What to wear: Football games" edition anyhow, since the weather changes so much in the next couple of months as the season extends. So really there's no time like the present...let's get started.

Like many other Southern gals, I love football season. I get pretty fired up during games, though I've honestly been off to a slow start this year. Anyhow, the thing about football season that I found to be trouble when I went off to college, is struggling with what to wear to the games. Here are the challenges I feel that must be tackled: (wow, two puns, in one post - it's my Friday gift to you!)

Football game attire must be:
• School spirited, but not too collegiate
• Stylish/trendy, but not too dressy/over the top, I mean it is a football game
• Comfortable enough to wear all day long tailgating and then for the game
• Weather-appropriate

So, given these requirements, here are a few guidelines I like to follow:
• Wear the school colors to show school spirit
• The only appropriate heels are wedges (unless it's Homecoming and you are in the running for Queen)
• Stay away from tight clothing, unless it's leggings of course
• Layers are almost inevitable since the Alabama weather changes at the drop of a hat, or the sun for that matter

And just in case you are a visual person (like me!) then I've put together a few outfit ideas for all you Alabama and, yes, even the Auburn fans, too. Trust me, picking out clothes in orange and blue, was painful. That's my sacrifice for the week I guess!

Oh and the best part of all these ensembles? They're on a college budget of course!

Perfect for: An early or afternoon game.

Faded Glory Women's Rib Henley Tee in Red and Navy ($7.00)
F21 Houndstooth Tailored Shorts with Belt ($19.80)
F21 Pleated Woven Skirt in Amber ($19.80)
Styles for Less Sudette Crossfront Wedges ($29.99)
Mossimo Supply Co. Top Handle Flap Handbag ($24.99)
Charlotte Russe Burnished Gold Bangle ($4.00)

Perfect for: An evening game or day game when the weather gets a little chillier. 

F21 Seamless Legging in Dark Grey and Navy ($4.50)
Mossimo Ultra Soft Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater in Red and Charcoal ($22.99)
Mossimo Supply Co. Pocket Tee in White ($8.00)
F21 Zig Zag Scarf in Grey/Black ($9.80)
F21 Purl Knit Scarf ($16.80)
Mossimo Supply Co. Khadeja Sued Bootie in Taupe ($29.99)
Mossimo Supply Co. Top Handle Flap Handbag ($24.99)
F21 Sequin Knitted Beret in Navy and Taupe ($6.80)
Charlotte Russe Etched Multi-Circle Earrings ($4.00)

Perfect for: An early or afternoon game...and for a girl with a little more fashion "flavor."

Styles for Less Knit Aztec Tube Dress in Red/Grey ($19.99)
Styles for Less Knit Aztec Tube Dress with Belt ($24.99)
Xhilaration Thetis Strappy Sandal ($6.98)
Charlotte Russe Etched Multi-Circle Earrings ($4.00)
F21 Beaded Medallion Necklace in Gold/Sapphire ($6.80)

Perfect for: An early or afternoon game...and for a girl wanting to dress up a little, especially if she is in a sorority. *Hat for the AL gal only. 

F21 Dotted Flutter Dress with Belt ($22.80)
F21 Double Knit Epaulet Dress in Orange ($22.80)
Wal-mart Solid Fedora Hat in Black ($5.00)*
F21 Beaded Medallion Necklace in Gold/Sapphire ($6.80)
Charlotte Russe Burnished Gold Bangle ($4.00)

ps.  I can't leave without saying it...can I get a ROLL TIDE?! 

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