Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grooveshark picks for September

Confession. I only have four picks this month instead of my usual five....because I am still obsessed with Dawes debut album and can't seem to pry myself away from listening to them long enough to check out other bands. Sorry. But here are four bands that I managed to let squeeze in some GS airtime during the month of September. They should be so lucky.

Artist: Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Album: Sounds of New Orleans (disc one)
Why I love it: It makes me feel like I am in New Orleans when I listen to this album. I'm not sure if I have to explain more than that!
For fans of: Jazz, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Artist: The Motet
Album: Dig Deep
Why I love it: It's jam-tastic and takes me back to the good ole college days when this type of music was the majority of what I listened to.  
For fans of: Soulive, Moon Taxi
Bonus: Download the album for FREE here

Album: Technically I can't listen to an "album" on GS so I just listen to random songs of theirs
Why I love it: It's folky lady singer sisters...and they cover Britney Spears "Toxic" - need I say more?
For fans of: The Pierces, K. D. Lang
Bonus: Click here to download their FREE Daytrotter session

Why I love it: It's straight up happiness and sing-a-long all in one cd. I think I'd love it even if "Don't Stop Believing" was the only song on it. 
For fans of: Glee the TV show...and a billion other mainstream artists

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