Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Artist: Leftover Cuties
Album: The Spark and the Fire (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It's like a combination of Nora Jones' sultry jazz voice combined with a big band sound.
Favorite song(s): Thick and Thin, One Heart
For fans of: Nora Jones, April Smith and the Great Picture Show

Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov
Album: The Weatherman (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It's so mellow it will make you melt. Plus this man can do no wrong in my opinion.
Favorite song(s): All Shades of Blue and Living Proof
For fans of: Peter Bradley Adams, Joe Purdy
Bonus: If you're local, he's coming to Workplay on 9/30. I'll see you there!

Artist: The Revivalists
Album: City of Sound (listen here)
Why I love it: It makes me think of a re-invented, funkier Dave Matthews Band. I really dig the saxophones and horns.
Favorite song(s): When I'm Able and Criminal
For fans of: Vintage Trouble, Amasa Hines

Artist: La Guerre
Album: Violent (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: It's dream pop at its finest.
Favorite song(s): Lovers Sway
For fans of: A Fine Frenzy, Of Monsters and Men

Artist: Colossal Gospel
Album: Circles (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: There's a great vintage quality to their sound. I think it has a lot to do with the lead singer's powdery soft voice.
Favorite song(s): Leaving
For fans of: Beirut, Josh Garrels


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ooo what a fun post! i'm the worst at finding new music so, as you can imagine, my itunes needs a dire face lift. haha i'm definitely off to listen to your suggestions!

xo marlen
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