Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to wear one dress, 4 ways

As a fashion blogger, it's always neat to look back at your photos collectively and see the different ways you have styled the same piece of clothing. I definitely consider it to be one of my greatest achievements when I can figure out a way to wear something at least three different ways and across all seasons. Such a fun challenge!

While I do usually try to purchase items that I know I can remix several times, I honestly had no idea just how versatile this little floral dress would be when I bought it online in an Anthropologie sale about five years ago. I know I've styled more than just these four ways seen here, but these are the only ones caught on film.

Hopefully this will help you figure out a way to remix a similar dress in your own closet.


Ashley said...

Dresses are the easiest things to layer when it turns cold, but definitely not the warmest! Love all your options though :)

xo Ashley

Eccentric Owl said...

I love all of the different ways you've worn this! It's definitely great to find pieces that transition through all four seasons. My favorite is the simplest one; that dress is so pretty!

Kristian said...

I love the different ways you have worn this, but I also especially love the collage format you presented this in!

Samantha said...

I love how you styled this dress various ways, each ensemble looks awesome! I especially love the first look!

Marlen said...

I LOVE these kind of posts- it's so awesome to see how far a dress can go. I always put skirts over my dresses too- it seriously doubles your wardrobe! And I love the vest layer in the first outfit- it doesn't hide the dress but adds a little interest. I also love putting chunky sweaters over dresses to make them bottom into a skirt :)

xo marlen
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Ester DurĂ£es said...

aww such a lovely idea! I have to say the first outfit is my favourite! :)
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming