Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Monday: Great Peacock concert review

You might recall me mentioning a band called Great Peacock back in May when I chose them as one of my current music obsessions that month. My friends Kyle, John and Katie were actually the ones who introduced me to their music, so I was pretty excited that J and I were able to actually go see Great Peacock with that crew this past Friday at Bottletree.

I was a little disappointed in the size of the crowd there that night, but I guess that just means when these guys make it big, I can say I saw them "way back when.." at Bottletree one night. Anyhow, the openers were Teen Getaway and the District Attorneys. Teen Getaway is a local Bham band that I have actually never seen before, but will definitely check them out again in the future. They were loud and fun and upbeat and J was diggin them, which made me even more pumped.

After maybe two songs, one of the guitar players in Teen Getaway broke a string and I witnessed a pretty nice gesture from a Great Peacock band member—Blount brought out one of their guitars to let Teen Getaway use while he fixed the string on the one that broke. I mean, talk about some band love. I was touched :)

The District Attorneys played a good show and sounded really professional, but I just don't think they are playing the kind of music that I am really into.

Great Peacock performing at The Bottletree.

Great Peacock finally took the stage somewhere around midnight (ugh, so late, I am too old for this kind of night on a Friday!) and put on a great show—complete with bedazzled peacocks on their shirts. They have a great alt-country sound going for them, but it's the more folky-ish songs like "Take me to the Mountain" and "Desert Lark" that really draw me in. I think it's because these kind of songs build and do a great job of featuring Blount and Andrew's beautiful harmonies.

J and I managed to hang around until the District Attorneys took the stage with Great Peacock and played a couple of covers together at the end of the show. By this time it was somewhere around 1:30 am and I just couldn't hang anymore. Especially not with a looming 9 mile run in my very near (6:30 am) future.

Here's hoping that the next time these guys come to town I'm better rested and there's a bigger crowd! Until then, be sure to check out Great Peacock's music here on bandcamp.

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