Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life lately

Believe it or not, things have actually seemed to have slowed down just a bit. I'm still out and about most nights of the week and of course I'm always planning every weekend detail, but at least things at work have slowed back down to a manageable pace, and so has the freelance work.

One recent Thursday night I made the trek to my hometown to catch one of my nephew's soccer games and even got to see him score a goal. He actually looked pretty good out there. If he continues to play, Aunt CeeCee is gonna have to brush up on her soccer knowledge! (ie. start from scratch).

J and I also made the trek to Tuscaloosa one Saturday to see the Bama vs. Ole Miss game—it was a relationship divided game for us, but we managed to tailgate with friends, have a good time and both come home in one piece without any hurt feelings over a win vs. a loss.

It turns out that October is the month of birthdays. We have already celebrated my friend Torry's bday and also J's dad's birthday and we still have three more family birthdays to go. Who knew?!

Oh and of course we've made it to a couple of shows including Gregory Alan Isakov (le sigh. soooo good!) and The Lumineers, which I talked about yesterday. All in all, it's been a solid couple of weeks!

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