Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday: The Lumineers

Chances are that some of you probably know by now that I'm a pretty big Lumineers fan. I mean, I do have part of one of their lyrics tattooed on my wrist. (and no, the tattoo is not because of the band. It's because of the amazing song/lyrics.)

And I also saw them earlier this year and once or twice last year—and yes, one of those times I went alone. Yeah, see, big fan.

Anyhow, I was clearly pretty excited to see them this past week at the Tuscaloosa Ampitheater, even if it did mean getting home at midnight on a "school" night (yep, rockstar! scratch that, coffee for the win).

And yet even though I was excited, I was a bit nervous because lately when I go to shows at larger venues, I feel so separated from the artist(s) and the music. I was really worried that seeing The Lumineers at a show like this would ruin the usual experience I have at their shows.

But I have to say that from the second the chandeliers starting lowering before The Lumineers even took the stage to the moment after the encore was complete, I was all in. I was connected. I was entranced. And most of all, I was in my happy place.

Everything from their debut album sounded great—as it always does—and I even got to hear a couple of new songs as well as a couple of covers. And they also came out into the middle of the crowd to perform a song. Definitely a good way to make everyone in the ampitheater feel like they are a part of the performance.

All in all it was a great night spent outside listening and singing along to some of my favorite songs with some of my favorite people—J, Joy and Justin (yes, that's a lot of J's).  Totally worth the sleep deprivation :)

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ChristelPaola said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, lucky you! :)