Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back of the closet: Striped dress

I realize that it's April and here I am posting pictures of me in a long sleeved dress, hat and scarf. But the weather in Alabama is just plain crazy y'all! A couple of weeks ago it was gorgeous, then rain brought the cold back early last week. So by the time last Thursday rolled around, I was tired of dressing for the spring season and freezing to death. I decided to dress for the temperature instead, so I reached to the back of the closet and pulled together this outfit. I was snug as a bug in a rug the whole day!

Thankfully it warmed up this weekend and turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I'm beyond ready for sundresses and flip flops, so I'm hoping that today's current cold snap is just that — a snap — and that I don't have to reach to the back of the closet to create a similar outfit until later this fall!

Until then, here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Striped dress, thrifted ($5.98)
2. Belt, Payless ($7.50)
3. Knee socks, Century 21 (??? crazy old!)
4. Elf bootie shoes, Rugged Warehouse ($10)
5. Hat, streets of NYC ($8)
6. Earrings (??? again, crazy old!)
7. Black diamond ring, Charlotte Russe ($4)
8. Black circle ring, ATL Market ($4)
9. Scarf, streets of NYC ($7)
10. Black beaded clutch, Gifted
11. Sunglasses, streets at Venice beach ($7)

Photos: Laura Menconi.

side note: Laura is more than just an amazing photographer - she's my creative director, too. She is incredible! Thank you Laura for helping me turn these ordinary photos into something I think is extraordinary.


Ashley Baker said...

I love the outfit and pictures! I think this is my favorite outfit so far!

Brooklyn said...

Love this outfit! I've been in a "fashion rut" here lately and so excited I found your blog!

christen said...

thanks ladies! and Brooklyn I am glad you found my blog too! :)