Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Splurge on: Sunnies

If you know anything about Rachel Zoe, you know that she likes to call sunglasses "sunnies." And girl knows how to rock her sunnies, that's for sure. I happen to think that just about everyone looks hotter in a pair of sunnies—celebrities included. I think Zoe would agree with me on that statement.

I've also noticed lately that it's kind of amazing how a simple pair of sunglasses can honestly transform your outfit. The best part about all of this? Sunglasses are the ultimate cheapskate accessory. While yes, the truly gorgeous designer sunglasses can cost at least $100, you can also find a few great pairs for around $10—or less!

Here are just five pair of sunnies I'm crushing on right now.

1. House of Sunglasses Wayfarers
Color: Black
Price: $9.99

2. Urban Outfitters Hazy Days Sunglasses
Color: Tortoise Shell
Price: $10.00

3. Fred Flare Sweetheart Sunnies
Color: Pink or Red
Price: $12.00

4. House of Sunglasses Oversized Wings Sunglasses
Color: Only Black/Black and Brown/Brown are available*
Price: $9.99

*Here's hoping they get the Green/Smoke or the Brown/Black back in stock!

5. Charlotte Russe Metallic Round Frame Sunglasses
Color: Tortoise Shell
Price: $5.00

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