Friday, April 1, 2011

Plated: Superhero

It's a well known fact that we Southerners are known for our good hospitality. And part of this hospitable reputation we have includes writing thank you notes for just about every occasion and gift received. I personally never wrote a thank you note until my high school graduation, but since I have moved to Birmingham, I've become aware that for most people, the thank you note writing process begins at a very young age with your childhood birthday parties. I happen to think is actually a lovely, and gracious idea.

On that note (oh, I'm so "pun-ny!"), I'd like to introduce my first "plated" post for children! And it just so happens that who I'm featuring today is also from the deep south right here in Birmingham. I happened upon her blog recently and thought it was just adorable. Then as I am scrolling through, I came across pics of her son's recent 4th birthday party and loved the superhero theme she used. I think I love it most because it was what he seemed to want and mom (Paula) took that idea and turned it into something adorable and fab and fun! Here are some fantastic photos of hers from the cute, cute party.

What a cute easy banner to make. It just takes some time and a little love! 

I love this simple cake.

And it looks like the birthday boy, KJ, loves the cake, too!

I think this is my favorite picture. I mean, how fun does this party look?!

So from this inspiration, here are the easy fill-in-the-blank thank you notes that I designed for a child to use.

Now if I can only get my sister-in-law to have my nephew's 4th birthday party to be superhero themed, we'd have a pretty good head start! For now though, I suppose I should focus on his upcoming 3rd birthday party with a Sponge Bob theme. Sounds like there might be more child-like inspiration just around the corner coming from me!

Happy Friday y'all! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Ashley Baker said...

I love the thank you cards! So Cute!

Julie {AfternoonFrosting} said...

How cute is this theme! Love it. xx