Friday, April 8, 2011

Congrats to our winner!

Just wanted to send a quick congratulations to our winner of The Walking Recessionista and Fashionplate Cheapskate bloggiveaway: Mae. She also has a cute fashion inspiration blog which you can find here. Cheyser at The Walking Recessionista announced a winner on March 30th on her tumblr account. Clearly I am a little behind! Sorry guys.

Anyway, congrats to Mae! She won three stunning F21 rings chosen by Cheyser and a set of customized stationery inspired by Cheyser and designed by me.

Stay tuned...I'm working on another giveaway and hope to make a post about it in the next week or two!

1 comment:

MAE said...

Again, thanks to you and Cheyser! You guys are great <3