Friday, April 29, 2011

Plated: Lovely Pepa

In light of the recent tragic events in Alabama that I just wrote about yesterday, I thought I would still do a fun upbeat post today. I haven't done a "plated" post in what feels like forever, so I thought today would be a good time to bring that column back.

Today's plated post is a hypothetical birthday party invitation for the incredibly adorable and beautiful Spanish blogger Alexandra from Lovely Pepa. I first found Alexandra on Lookbook and became an instant fan of hers because she definitely has great style. But only recently did I realize that she also has a blog. It's a fun site to visit to see her lovely stylish creations and apparently I have great taste because she seems to get a lot of press coverage and has recently been invited to a blogger event that appears to be "kind of a big deal."

Miss Alexandra apparently recently celebrated her 23rd birthday so I thought why not design a fun invitation based on some of her birthday presents and the beautiful floral prints she wears so well, so often. Here are a few pics of her presents and prints I pulled from her blog.

So first I loved her quirky little skull and cross bones bracelet she received. It was fun and funky in a non-punk kind of way. Then I loved the stunning green shade of the Fun & Basics bag. But I knew I needed more than just these two elements for an invitation. As I mentioned above, she wears lots of gorgeous floral prints, so I thought if I combined a pretty pink and green floral print with a skull and cross bones, it would make for a fun party invite. Not too punk, but not too serious. Especially when you put hearts for the eyes of the skull. See my fake bday invite for Alexandra below.

What do you think?! Would you want a skull and cross bones on your bday invite? I'm curious what you think about this design. Leave me a comment and let me know!


Paper Color said...

i love it. skull and two bones in a girlie way

Paper Color said...

i think she's gonna love it ;D

Dylana Suarez said...

That dress is so beautiful!