Monday, April 11, 2011

Back of the closet: White dress

While most girls usually own several black dresses, I have actually often gravitated to white or cream colored ones instead. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of black in my closet, but I really have what you might call a teeny-tiny obsession with white dresses. I currently have five in my closet at the moment. I mean who needs that many dresses in the same color? Clearly I do....and I'd buy more if I could! Luckily the white dress has replaced the "little black dress" for the past couple of seasons so I feel more validated with my obsession. For now anyways. But if I had to pick just one favorite of those five, it'd have to be the one I am featuring today.

I love this particular dress because it's so simple, which makes it extremely versatile. I've worn it with gold flat sandals and heavy jewelry or with heels to church or with flip flops and a cross body bag for a casual day out. Clearly I couldn't wait to drag this dress from the back of the closet so I could rock it early this spring in a new way: with my slightly over-the-knee brown boots. And obviously, even though I am Southern (as I have so often pointed out), I don't follow those silly "no white before Easter rules."

Oh and if you need just one more reason why I love this would be the price of course! As I mentioned here, I love the Lucky magazine daily e-newsletter because of the contests and deals they feature every day and this dress just happened to be featured for $19.99 one day last summer. How was I supposed to say no to that?!

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. White dress, Roxy ($19.99)
2. Brown boots, Madden Girl at DSW ($60.00 - w/coupons!)
3. Straw belt, ATL Market ($10.00)
4. Gray bag, Designer Details in L.A. ($40.00)
5. Circle necklace (?? - old!)
6. Turquoise and tan earrings (?? - again, old!)
7. Turquoise ring, gifted (My friend Ashley brought it back from her mission trip to Thailand)
8. Stackable gold rings, Charlotte Russe ($2.99)
9. "Fayke" bans (fake Ray Bans), Venice beach stand ($8.00)

This might be might most expensive "cheapskate" outfit to date, but considering I have on quality boots and I am carrying a quality bag, I'm ok with the total price ringing in under $150, especially because I wear these pieces ALL the time.

photos: Laura Menconi


Rita said...

I die! This is soooo hot! Straight out of a magazine spread!

Nina said...

great pictures!! love!!!