Monday, September 17, 2012

Life lately

It's been another active couple of weeks. In fact, I'm considering posting a "life lately" post every week instead of every other Monday since there has been so much going on lately!

We'll start with a couple of Fridays ago when I baby sat for Laura so she and her hubby could attend the Alabama Symphony gala. I took the girls to the Birmingham Artwalk downtown and met up with some friends as well. It was kinda chaotic and hard to keep up with everyone in the crowds, but it was still a fun and different way to spend the evening.

The next day was spent with an early morning run, followed by a hike with Ashley and Amy at Red Mtn Park. The second we pulled up at the park, the clouds rolled in and rain starting coming down on us. But we decided to brave the weather and had a great (wet) hike. We had worked up quite an appetite so we headed over to JoJo's Diner on Broadway for breakfast with Torry. It was good to spend some time with the Bham Fram!

This past weekend was my friend Lauren's wedding. I can't imagine a more stunning and happy bride. It was so great to see this event finally take place after all of the preparation and anticipation. And the reception celebration was a good time, too! I got to reunite with a few of the girls that we went to Africa with last summer. So much fun!

The next day (yesterday) was actually my birthday, so several of us got together at Railroad Park for the Food Truck festival I blogged about last week. I think that ALL of Birmingham seemed to come out for my bday celebration and the lines for food were crazy long. So Ashley bought us Dreamcakes cupcakes and we packed everything up and walked to Moe's for lunch instead. It was so much fun laughing and talking with everyone. After lunch, those who remained went back to Railroad Park to sit on a blanket and listen to some tunes and talk. Such a fantastic bday celebration. Good times with good friends. Plus, I got so many phone calls and texts. I couldn't really ask to be any more loved. It was such a good day!

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