Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under the {fashion} influence: Amber Heard

I loved this look on Amber Heard that I came across a few months ago on People StyleWatch. In fact I loved it so much, that I saved the photo on the off-chance I might ever purchase some type of bustier that I could use to appropriately pull this look off. I mean, I already had a long pleated skirt, I just needed that one piece of missing clothing.

So I count my lucky stars that Vedette asked me pick a piece of their shapewear to do a guest post on their blog. I decided to write for them on the topic of wearing shapewear during the day since I think it's easily doable, but few girls know how to do it right. And of course, I had to use this photo of Amber as my style inspiration for the post since she does indeed do the daytime bustier so very right.

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Cloe Bustier, c/o Vedette Shapewear
2. Pink pleated skirt, thrifted ($2.00)*
3. Sandals, Rugged Wearhouse ($9.99)
4. Gold cuff, gifted (thanks Ashley!)
5. Brown belt, thrifted ($3.00)
6. Heart locket, gifted (had since I was a child)
7. Vintage Ray Bans, gifted (thanks Mom!)
8. Leaf ring, gifted (thanks Em!)
9. Crossbody bag, thrifted ($5.99)

Total: Under $50

*here's a similar pink pleated skirt from Sugar Lips for $40.00

p.s. Be on the lookout at the Vedette Blog for my guest post, it should be out sometime soon!

Photos: Laura Menconi

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Ashley Baker said...

SSSOOO Pretty! I love the outfit!

Kacie said...

I love how you recreated this look! The shapewear is styled perfectly for day!

REBECCA said...

You rock Amber's look soo well!!